Eh, well…lots of folks have gone there really. I am happy to be finally joining them!

Most of the time I am a second year law student in Indianapolis, IN. I have many other varied interests, but for the purposes of this blog (and quite happily I must say) I will completely focus on sci-fi! 🙂 If you prefer more non-galactic ramblings my other blog might suit.

Captains Log Supplemental.
Stardate: 315094.12
Situation: Formerly stranded in the Delta Quadrant, currently on Deep Space 9.


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  1. bibomedia on

    Have a nice day !

  2. Jamie Ibbett on

    5 years ago I embarked upon designing a new chair. Just for fun, something to take my mind off of the flight simulator that I was working on at the time (http://www.cae.com/en/sim.products/cae.5000.series.asp) Now myself and two others started a company to produce the chair. It is intended to fund the creation of a new design house that will become a place for budding designers to incubate ideas and start their own companies. I grew up with my older brother being very much a part of the Star Trek culture. I actually do believe Gene Roddenberry to be a visionary, and as a designer I feel he was light years ahead of his time (sorry it is part of everyday lexicon 🙂 Anyway, since I made this chair design, you’ll see it on the site provided, I have had many comments about it’s form being many animal related things, but I often get Star Trek. I’ve had it so much that I can not ignore it. Now George Takei is popping up on Face Book right left and centre. I was trying to get my CEO to understand, and did a search for Vulcans on the net and came upon your blog. Don’t ask me why, but something about your ‘traveler, listener, warrior, geek’ tag made me want to ask you of your opinion. Should I take what honestly is the subtotal of all my skills and make a Star Trek limited edition? Or have you any ideas?

    The chair was designed to encompass the knowledge I have of surfaces and reflections as used in automotive design, and the form is as pure as I can get. There is nothing added that should not be there from a structural or functional perspective. Essentially it is intended to be a compliment to the one sitting in it, and encourage a comfortable yet decent posture, with a variety of ways to be sat in. Ultimately it is a mix of art and design with my sculptural abilities being directly translated in to the master chair.

    Thank you for any thoughts you might want to share, and nice blog.



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