I <3 the Borg


I have heard of the Borg. I had not, until this week, seen them in my Star Trek Voyager. Yes, it is mine.

Initial reaction: they are cool. Scary. Ominous. Imposing. Powerful. I like them as an enemy. Much, much better than the Videan’s or the Kazon’s, which is what the Delta Quadrant has thrown at us so far. Also, I have to say that for a race of robotic beings on sci-fi television, I prefer the Borg to Stargate’s Replicators. There was something not threatening about the Replicators. They were more like bugs than a scary race. Perhaps the Borg are more frightening because they assimilate humans. The Replicators just make more, and more, and more, and more of themselves…until Sam Carter finds a way to disrupt their communication field.

Note: The introduction of the Borg means that we get to meet Seven of Nine very soon. 🙂


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  2. Aliman on

    The Borg are the extreme logical conclusion of an idea–a perfect race. On ST they represent the fallacy of taking an idea to an extreme. It’s so extreme it begins to make no sense. Like Hume’s ideas of causality (lack of it, actually). It’s fully true as far as it goes, but it’s a bare-bones viewpoint. The Borg are also laudable…their ideals are high…but ultimately they’re quite flawed. Aloha!


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